Standard and specification of buttweld unequal tee


Various engineering companies produce a variety of buttweld unequal tee. For the production of this unequal tee, innovative and advanced technology makes the highest quality. Besides, for their manufacturing, thorough testing and the excellent quality raw material is a must. The selective grade of raw material can withstand low to high-temperature environments. Buttweld unequal tee … Read more

Quick Guide on Buttweld Equal Tee Fittings


Buttweld fittings is the famous connection material in piping systems. These pipe fittings are essential in large quantities for different industrial applications. More specifically, these buttweld fittings are suitable for large diameter pipelines.  What is BUTTWELD EQUAL TEE Fittings?  Buttweld is the engineering component used to join one or more pipes or fittings end utilizing … Read more

What are slip-on flanges, and When do we use slip-on flange?

Slip-on flanges

Slip-on flanges are available at a lower cost and hence preferred by several contractors. The product holds ample of strength and works even under fatigue conditions as that of the weld-neck flange. The slip-on flange can work well after attaching to the end of a pipe or pipe fitting. The product is fit in easily, … Read more

What is a buttweld reducing tee?

buttweld reducing tee

Buttweld Reducing Tee is a high nickel-based product available in varied sizes, shapes, and dimensions. The product is tested for BVIS, IBR, BARC, DNV, and BHEL also follows specifications mentioned in national and international standards. Butt Weld Reducing Tee plays a crucial role as a reducer and a tee in a piping system. Further, it … Read more

Plate flange vs slip-on flange

Plate flange vs slip-on flanges

There are many different types of flanges available in the market. For instance, weld neck flanges, slip-on flanges, butt weld flanges, plate flanges, and blind flanges, and so on. Today, in this blog, we shall understand two of the flanges types – plate flange and slip-on flange. What are Plate flanges? A plate flange is … Read more

Things to know about Buttweld Reducing Tee

Things to know about BUTTWELD REDUCING TEE

Reducing tee is a type of pipe tee used in pipe and tube fittings. Two common types are available for pipe tees, with all outlets of the same size or tees in which they are with a mixture of different outlet sizes can be reduced. Like all pipe tees, the reduction tee is in the … Read more

Advantages of Buttweld Unequal Tee


Buttweld unequal tee is one of the types of buttweld fittings. In order to link pipes together, buttweld fittings are developed to be welded on-site at its end. This relation causes the diameter or branching or ending of the path or pipe to change. Buttweld pipe fittings are made up of concentric reducer, long radius … Read more

What Is Buttweld Equal Tee?

What is Buttweld Equal Tee

Equal Tee (or straight tee) means that the branch diameter of this tee is the same as that of the main pipe (Run pipe) of this tee. Designed and constructed in the form of the ‘T’ alphabet, this type of fitting can be used to connect two horizontal and one vertical pipe. Widely used in … Read more

How Flange Rating Works

How Flange Rating Works

It is very common that people who are new in the piping industry struggle with how flange rating works. Before going into the explanation of the same, let us first know what a flange is and what role does it play in the piping industry. What is a flange and where it is used? A … Read more

Types of Flanges

Types of Flanges

Flange is a way to form a piping structure by connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment. For cleaning, inspection or modification, it also provides convenient access. Flanges are available in many types like: Slip-On Flange The flange is slid over the pipe and welded to the top and bottom of the flange. They are … Read more