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Kalikund Steel & Engg. Co is involved in manufacturing and supplying a top-quality range of UNI Flange PN6-PN40. We are providing durable flanges that can withstand extreme conditions. Our highly experienced professional team is designing UNI Flange PN6-PN40 in a different class, grades, dimensions, and specifications as per the demands of our clients. These flanges are mostly used to connect threaded components in non-critical and low-pressure applications. PN6-PN40 UNI is a British metric standard that covers circular flange for valves and fittings, pipes with nominal pressure range. We ensure to provide UNI Flange PN6-PN40 that is favorable in stringent conditions such as low pressure in oil industries. These flanges are highly resistant to all oxidizing environments and stress corrosion cracking in chloride environments. PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges have high-stress rupture strength and low creep rates under high pressure and temperature.

Kalikund Steel & Engg. Co is supplying UNI Flange PN6-PN40 in a different range of wall thickness, and diameters in custom made dimensions at very reasonable rates. Our customers highly appreciate our flanges as these offer excellent features like higher strength, superior finish, robustness, higher resistance to corrosion, and more extended service. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled workers and professionals that dedicated to offer dimensionally accurate UNI Flange PN6-PN40. They design and develop flanges by following the guidelines on international standards and set manufacturing norms. The material is chosen as per the international material standard. By making use of modern technology and advanced machinery, our teams produce efficient quality PN6-PN40UNI Flange.

PN6-PN40 UNI Flange

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Kalikund Steel & Engg. Co has a customer-centric way, so we assist our patrons in choosing premium quality products that perfectly fit their requirements. In order to bring out defect-free and high-performance flanges, we ensure to test each UNI Flange PN6-PN40 under the stringent quality testing processes. Our expert supervises each manufacturing and testing process throughout the production till delivery. We keep on upgrading our fabrication techniques with innovative methods in order to satisfy the demands of our clients.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for us. We deliver our products safely and timely before the delivery deadlines. Our experienced packaging team packs PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges by appropriate methods and customer’s requirements. We guarantee to offer proper packaging to ensure the safe delivery of flanges to destinations across the globe. Our company provides many convenient delivery options as per the specific demands of our valuable worldwide clients.

Largest Inventory
Customer Support
On Time Deliveries
ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified

PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Specification

Specifications PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Flange size range 1/2" (15 NB) to 48" (1200NB) DN10~DN5000
Main Types Forged / Threaded / Screwed / Plate
Flange supporting material Gasket, Ring Joint, Flange Bolts
Production technique Forged, Heat treated and machined
Special design

As per your drawing

15 NB (1/2") to 200 NB (8")
Equal and Reducing Configurations

JIS Threaded Flange, Socketweld Flange, Slip-On Flange, Blind Flange, Weld Neck Flange

Specialized manufacturer of DIN 2566 en 1092 1
Pn16 Flange
DIN 2566 pn16
Rtj Flange
PN6-PN40 UNI Sorf Flange
PN6-PN40 UNI Table Flanges
DIN 2566 pn10
PN6-PN40 UNI Large Diameter Flange
PN6-PN40 UNI Threaded Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Blind Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Plate Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Weld Neck Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Loose Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Orifice Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Slip-On Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Lap Joint Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Socketweld Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI AS 4087 Water Flanges
Test Hydrostatic testing machine, Direct-reading Spectrograph,UI trasonic flaw detector, X-ray detector, Magnetic particle detector
Equipment Bending machine, Press machine, electric bevelling machine, Pushing Machine, Sand-blasting machine etc
Origin West Europe /Indian / USA / Japan / Korean
Key markets and industries for PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Nuclear power (mostly seamless).
Heavy oil refineries.
Bitumen upgraders.
Petrochemicals and acids.
Export to Indonesia, Ireland, Ukraine, Singapore,Saudi Arabia,Canada, Peru, Dubai, Brazil, Iran, Korea, USA, India, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Oman etc
PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Application To Connect Pipe & Tubes in Power, Petroleum,Construction, Chemical, Gas, Shipbuilding,Metallurgy, etc
Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2, Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175

PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges can be supplied in either Pipe or Plate construction and are covered by specification

PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Forms & Availability

Forged and Plate Flanges

Products Size
PN6-PN40 UNI Slip-On Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Threaded Flanges Sizes 1/8″ – 36″
Raised Face or Flat Face
PN6-PN40 UNI Weld Neck Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Socket Weld Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Blind Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Reducing Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Lap Joint Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Plate Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Orifice Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Forged Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Ring Type Joint Flanges PN6-PN40 UNI Square Flanges

PN6-PN40 UNI Flange has the following advantages :
  • Raw material cutting: band saw
  • Open / Close Die Forging & Rolling: Hammer / Press / Ring Rolling
  • Machining: CNC lathes/SPM lathes
  • Bolt Hole drilling: High speed CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • Heat treatment: Solution Annealing (batch annealing furnaces)
Some of Our Specialities that make us a profitable Business Partber for our clients are :
  • Customer focused approach
  • Superior quality products
  • Timely deliverices
  • Customize Size & Specification
  • Competitive Pricing
Kalikund Steel
Stock Availability of PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges
Preview Products UNS DIN
SS PN6-PN40 UNI  Flange Stainless Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges UNS S30400, S30403, S31600, S31603 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401, 1.4404 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Duplex and Super Duplex PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Duplex / Super Duplex Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges UNS S31803, S32205, SAF-2205, S32750, S32760, SAF-2507 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange 1.4462, 1.4410 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Cu-Ni PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Copper Nickel PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges UNS C70600, C71500 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange 2.0872, 2.0882 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Alloy Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Alloy Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges UNS K41545, K90941, K11597, K21590 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange 1.7362, 1.7386, 1.7335, 1.7380 PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Kalikund Steel
PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Production Range
Stainless Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
High Nickel Alloy PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Carbon Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flange
Directions for the designationd1abDfHolesScrewsWeight*
External diameter
of the pipe
152020,5+0,5551080114M 100,34
202525,5651290114M 100,51
253030,57512100114M 100,63
323838,59014120144M 121,09
4044,54510014130144M 121,26
50575811014140144M 121,38
6576,17713014160144M 121,68
8088,99015016190184M 162,63
100108109+1,017016210184***M 163,05
125133134,520018240188M 164,11
150159160,522520265188M 165,16
175193,7195,525522295188M 166,27
200219,122128022320188M 166,91
250267269335243751812M 169,53
300323,9326395244402212M 2012,1
350355,6358445264902212M 2017,0
400406,4409+1,5495285402216M 2020,1
450457,2460,2±5550285952216M 2025,8
500508511600306452220M 2030,0
600609,6612,6705307552520M 2237,9
700711,2714,2810328602524M 2247,9
800812,8815,8920349753024M 2762,9
900914,4917,410203610753024M 2774,6
10001016101911203611753028M 2781,9
Kalikund Steel
Price List of PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges

Prices for PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Products are very affordable.
Please click on the request a quote button or click here to request the updated price list and ready stock information along with your requirement. KALIKUND STEEL & ENGG. CO. maintains a stock of all standard items and can export them at the best price PN6-PN40 UNI Flange etc.

PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Ready Stock in India
Stainless Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Forged Flanges 200 Nickel Alloy PN6/PN40 UNI Blind Flanges
High Nickel Alloy PN6 UNI Reducing Flanges UNS S30400 PN40 UNI Orifice Flanges
Alloy Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Socket Weld Flanges 316L Stainless Steel PN6 UNI Slip On Flanges
ASTM A182 F304L PN40 UNI Flat Flanges ASTM A350 LF2 PN6-PN40 UNI Lapped Joint Flanges
ASTM A105 CS PN6-PN40 UNI SWRF Flanges Supplier Alloy Steel F5 PN6 UNI Square Flanges
Stainless Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Threaded Flanges PN6/PN40 UNI Flanges Supplier
PN6-PN40 UNI SOFF Flanges Stainless Steel S31603 PN6 UNI Flanges Dealer
Stainless Steel 317 PN6-PN40 UNI BLFF Flange Industrial PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Manufacturer
Monel 400 PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges UNS K41545 PN6 UNI Weld Neck Flanges Series A or B
Chrome Moly F11 PN6-PN40 UNI WNRF Flanges Inconel 600 PN6 UNI Expander Flanges Stockists
SS PN6-PN40 UNI High Hub Blinds Flanges 1.4307 SS PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Exporter
Incoloy 800H PN6/PN40 UNI Spectacle Blinds Flanges ASTM A350 CS LF2 PN6-PN40 UNI Loose Flanges
Titanium Grade 2 PN6 UNI RTJ Flanges Ti 3.7035 PN40 UNI Screwed Flanges
904L Stainless Steel PN40 UNI Weld Neck Flanges Cupro Nickel 90-10 PN6 UNI Flanges Facing Type & Finish
UNS C70600 PN6-PN40 UNI SORF Flanges SS PN6-PN40 UNI Groove & Tongue Flanges
Incoloy® alloy 20 PN6/PN40 UNI Long Neck Weld Flanges SS SMO 254 PN40 UNI Spades Ring Spacers Flanges
Wrought Austenitic Stainless Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Duplex steel 2205 PN6-PN40 UNI Ring Type Joint Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Flange Supplier in Mumbai PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Manufacturer in India
Super Duplex PN6/PN40 UNI Flange Dimensions Duplex Steel PN6-PN40 UNI Weldo / Nipo Flanges
PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Stockist PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges at Best Price
Kalikund Steel
PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges Applications and Uses

Exporter of PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges in the following cities
Manufacturers, Suppliers of PN6-PN40 UNI Flanges :
Bengaluru Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Pune
New Delhi Ahmedabad Jaipur Surat Salem Gandhinagar
Bhiwandi Tiruppur Sivakasi Jamnagar Thiruvananthapuram Rajahmundry
Bhubaneswar Vijaywada Firozabad Bokaro Steel City Rajkot Bharuch
Panna Raipur Cochin Ludhiana Panipat Durgapur
Peenya Pimpri-Chinchwad Channapatna Kharagpur Nashik Bareilly
Varanasi Haldia Rourkela Bangalore Moradabad Indore
Visakhapatnam Trivandrum Pithampur Dibrugarh Angul Gwalior
Coimbatore Kannur Nagpur Vadodara Rudrapur Noida
Agra Bhagalpur Jamshedpur Bhilai Lucknow kanpur
Thane Bhopal Navi Mumbai Vasai Bikaner Maharashtra
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